Digital Transformation

Digital TransFormation

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IT Solutions

IT Solutions

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Modernising your organisation’s ICT services can be challenging, daunting even. Unique IT Consultancy has helped a vast number of clients to visualise and then deliver improved services for their users. We make the journey to the cloud easy to understand, and support our clients each step of the way.

We have established a strong reputation for the timely and cost-effective completion of projects in both the private and public sector.

We often help organisations who have in-housed their services away from long service agreements with traditional ICT service providers. As such we can provide excellent cost efficiency, for the delivery of tangible outcomes you need.

We help organisations obtain a clear ‘total cost of ownership’ view of their existing on-premises ICT including management and operational costs and provide a recommended ICT vision that is tailored to the business requirements and budget. We can help our clients leverage the management and cost efficiencies of cloud hosting.

In addition, Unique IT Consultancy maintains a strong focus on knowledge transfer, to help clients manage their own ICT landscape, as we feel that empowering our customers to maintain their solutions is imperative to ensuring sustainable success.

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Development Road Map

6- Website Promotion

Links - E News letter - Social media

Website Publish -5

Fast Loading & Mobile Freindly - Most Important Pages Linked from Home - Keywords in cross links - Keywords in title tags

4- Website Content Creation

Be Authentic - Write for humans - Headings - Paragraphs - Think Multimedia

Website Development -3

Dedicated page per keyword theme - Clean navigation - Cross link relevent pages - Prominent contact information

2- Web Design

Group into logical buckets

Content Search -1

Listen to your customer - Google Sugest - Google Trends